Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Storm

Sandy Speaks

The blackened night howls with the wind
Lights flicker and the TV pops to silence
I am here alone with my thoughts

The majesty of natures's wiles
Unleashes herself upon the nation
And asks us to remember

She is riled by the careless carbon that courses
In her skies and seas
"Do you not know I am your Mother?"

We will weather the storm
We will go back to the way we were
And pretend it doesn't matter

Until another day and another storm
Or until the seas rise another foot or two
Or until the ice caps melt and the glaciers gone

Is this what it will take for us
To remember whose we are?
There is a prayer in the night

To the wind and the flickering light
To the heart within
To the God in whose heart our hearts beat

"Save us from ourselves" I pray
"You have it within your power to do so"
The Silent reply

I listen now to the wind and the Silence
And wonder what it will take
To Listen.

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