Friday, October 31, 2014

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

The Raven
by Edgar Allen Poe
as read by
Fr Paul Bresnahan

A Prayer for EMT's, Fire and Police

A Prayer for EMT's, Fire and Police

The dog and I went for our morning walk not long ago and an ambulance went screaming by. I crossed myself as I glanced at the lone driver and said a prayer. Our EMT's, Fire and Police all need our prayers. Especially in the "heat" of the moment. When I hear the wail of the sirens, I will say a prayer.

Each in his or her own way. 
We all need all the prayers we can muster.

The victims.
All our first responders.

Yes, I know of police who will display cruelty and deadly violence.
And, yes, I know police face cruelty and deadly violence.
And yes, they too need our prayers as neighborhood teens across the land need them too.

Enter a burning building?
My uncle did so many times as did many others I know.
Imagine; enter a burning building!

A heart attack!
An accident on a highway
And one of my cousins or a perfect stranger will be there.

I live in Lynn, and hear sirens often day and night.
They are there for us.
And they need our prayers.

I took an old prayer I learned many years ago and reworked it a bit for our first responders.

Dear God
Whenever comes the summons
To those who stand or lie in terror
If, in haste, and for want of courage, for the moment, I forget Thee
Do not Thou forget me.

May God grant that we too say our prayers when we hear sirens.