Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Salem, safe and sound

Hi folks,
Lots of folks have been asking me to bring my blogspot up to date with some news from Salem...so here's the latest. It is getting cold here tonight. Josh went see a movie tonight up in Danvers and needed a ride. There is a biting wind and a blowing snow outside tonight. It is the kind of chill that goes to the bone! Welcome home :-)
We arrived here two weeks ago tomorrow. Josh and his friends did an outstanding job in moving us here...not a thing was broken...we are indeed grateful. We're finding our way around the local services...e.g. post office, banks, shopping, hardware stores etc. My first service was Sunday and we were warmly welcomed. I've attended my first finance committee meeting and Cindy has been this very night to her first Fair meeting. The big conversation is over the date of the Fair (which we called a bazaar). It is somehow reassuring to know that there are some things that are ever constant as we make our way toward heaven.
Josh and his buddies made it into town several times on the commuter rail and got on the wrong train only once. Everyone played their part to the hilt...a Boston bawn conductah called out the stops: "Ceedah Paaahhhk"...and Aaron, one of Josh's buddies on spending five hours at the Museum of Fine Art, said..."Sure is a lot of perty pictures in thar!" The guys ate raw oysters at the Union Oyster House...and as for me I'm sure you know that Salem's finest paid a visit to me on my first night in town!
Oh, the other important news is that Alcibiades ate the rim of my cap tonight! He is still alive to bark about it! But I am none too pleased with him just now. He's been giving me wide berth during the past few hours.
Thank you folks for your wonderful send off from St. Mark's.
And thank you folks for your wonderful welcome to St. Peter's.
God is good to us all. And may God be praised for every blessing.
Fr. Paul