Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Cost of Healthcare

It will cost dearly to insure everyone in the United States. There is a way to "pay as you go". Speaking as one who likes the occasional drink, and who has smokes, and indulges in salty and fatty foods, allow me to suggest that, since these habits, taken to excess, form the basis of much of our health costs, that we tax these indulgences significantly and ask those who put health at risk by using these commodities, to "pay the freight" for their use as we go along. I am in no position to calculate the level of tax, but I do imagine that a certain proportion of our illnesses can be traced to the use and misuse of the above. Why not then just plug into the price of these commodities an amount commensurate with the cost they generate by way of the costs they incur to the health care of the country.
Perhaps we can begin by saying that 50% of our heath care costs can be traced to the use/misuse of these commodities, therefore lets pay as we go by taxing their use.
There...what a simple idea.
Your thoughts?