Monday, October 22, 2012

Prophesy: Occupy the Churches!

The End is at Hand!
Occupy the Church!

And what, you ask me, is the end? 

The end is to Occupy the Church!

The End is not to go to church. The End is to BE the Church.

Listen to Jesus.

Look at Jesus.

The prophesy of Jesus is that he will die. 

His death was the prophecy. 

In the meantime he healed the sick.
He taught the poor and the rich of his love for all.
He reached out to the lepers and prostitutes, and outcasts of all sorts.
They were male and female, Samaritan and Jew, rich and poor.
They were even eunuchs (gay folks!)

He told the disciples in Mark's Gospel three times that he was going up to Jerusalem to die. 

There he would be put on trial, he would be found guilty. Then he would be crucified, he would die and then he would rise again. He said this three times on the way up to Jerusalem and each time they recoiled in horror. 

He overturned the tables of the money changers (Bankers/Corporations?). They made quick work of him. 

They had high hopes that he would be the Messiah and usher in the New Age. He would be the political fulfillment of their intentions.

Instead of that, he just plain died. 

This is Christ's prophecy. 

It was to be his end. 

They killed him.

But when the end came, they buried him and three days later the women came by to tend to things after the custom of the observant faithful of the day. 

And lo and behold, he was not dead. 

Yes he suffered, excruciating suffering. And yes he died, in a most ignominious and shameful way. 
Crucifixion is a scandalous and shameful way to die. 

Yet he rose again and manifestly appeared to us and continues to appear to us in the lives of those who continue his work. 

He is risen indeed! 

Now it is up to us to do his work of organizing our lives around human need. 

Where there is suffering, we will bring the salving presence of Jesus. 
Where there is warfare and violence, we will bring peace with justice. 
Where there is hatred for the outcast, we will bring the embrace of Jesus. 

There is no longer slave or free, Jew or Greek, male or or straight, rich or poor, black or name it; it's not there...we only see through the eyes of Jesus now..and we are ALL ONE in Jesus, because we are signs of the Kingdom's coming! 

We are in the end times because we are living to the end that Jesus intended. By the way, we could use some help, because there are many, many others not living in accordance with the mandate of Jesus; namely, that we "Love one Another!" 

We are not here for sacred rituals! 
If our sacred rituals do not point us to the work of Christ, they are nothing worth.

We are here to bring the healing touch of Jesus, the loving embrace of Jesus, the Peace of Christ in the non violent struggle of Justice for ALL!

Take the church back from the authoritarian dictatorship under which it presently suffers. Listen to Hans Kung, Roman Catholic theologian whose right to teach in the name of the church has been removed. He has been silenced! 

Take the church back from the Right Wing Fundamentalists and religious extremists who use the guise of Christ as the Pharisees, Scribes and Sadducees of old. 

Take the church back from its empty rituals and bring hope to the poor.

In the name of the church: OCCUPY THE CHURCHES!!!

"Fr Paul"


Maggid said...

Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!
Thank you for Sounding the Call.

Anonymous said...

Eunuchs(gay people). Sorry, are you nuts. Nice thought, but really we will occupy the church and throw the priests out, along with their daft ideas.

"Fr. Paul" Bresnahan said...

Thank you Anonymous, for your contribution to this conversation.