Thursday, October 11, 2012

General Strike! Black Friday

We Want Jobs!

There is some momentum finally for such an effort. Recent news reports indicate that Walmart employees are planning such an action on Black Friday. Among the the largest retail employers in the United States are: Walmart, Target, Sears, McDonalds and Kroger. They are famous for exploiting their workers, keeping them part time and refusing them adequate benefits. 

You will no doubt remember that when it came time to save the skins of the largest financial institutions in the United States, it didn't take a weekend for the Bush Administration to throw billions and trillions of dollars at these Corporations (dare I say people as some would say?). The Obama Administration followed suit immediately upon election.

But when it came time to save us from the export of our jobs overseas, or unemployment, or the loss of our homes, Congress turned its back on us...both the Republican and Democratically controlled Congress.

We have been left to fend for ourselves. Our life savings have been decimated, our pension funds in many cases have disappeared, the hope of health care hangs in the balance over the next election, and many of us have lost our homes.

If we think the next election will resolve anything and bring us more jobs, we are pitiably deluded! Obama's plans may help build employment gradually, but if Romney is elected we will merely watch our jobs continue to be exported overseas, we will subsidize the rich with more tax cuts and we'll continue to scrape by with the few scraps that "trickle down" off the tables the 1%. 

They will never give us anything.

We will have to take back what has been stolen from us over the last 60 years!

We must have jobs!

The plight of the worker and the middle class is now at stake to a degree that has not been the case in a very long time.

I applaud the folks at Walmart who plan to walk out of work on Black Friday. Imagine this: All Americans walking out of all retail establishments for just one day. Black Friday!!!

No work!

And imagine if the rest of us stayed away from the stores too! 

No buying!

Imagine if we send a message that this time the American people can and will flex our muscle and let the powers and principalities know that we will be heard.



Fr. Paul

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