Monday, September 17, 2012

So Who is on Welfare?

Big Bucks vs Welfare Moms

To say that we are becoming an oligarchy of the rich is merely to state the obvious. They are close to taking control of the political process now that Citizens United have taken the Supreme Court as well. 

Very dangerous if you ask me.

In the meantime, according to a well articulated and well researched article by NPR the middle class is in free fall. This is even more dangerous. 

Some think that the dole to welfare mothers is worth getting worked up over. 
Wrongly placed resentment.

When we needed a bail out because of job losses, did we get one?
When we lost our homes to predatory lenders, did we get one?
When our children took out loans for their education, did they get a reprieve from grinding debt?

Ah but when the super huge financial institutions needed a bail out, we transferred our tax dollars in an instant because they were too big to fail.

And to thank us they turned a cold shoulder to our police, fire, EMTs, and teachers.

And when we wanted any form of health care they told us to drop dead.

Don't be duped.

These folks are a trying to engineer a transfer of more money from the rest of us.

The addiction to Greed knows no boundary.

As "Occupy Wall Street" marks another good year of solid witness, lets give this matter some more thought!

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