Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

We Love Them So!

We were not well prepared for what happened eleven years ago today.
We were devastated and in a state of shock.
Waves of terror one after another washed over us.
We were filled with an intensity of feeling few of us had felt before
We came together as a nation.
We were one, albeit for too short a space of time.

We looked for someone to blame
And here then came two more wars
And the numbers of dead continued to multiply.

It seems needful to bring this all to You tonight
We ask for healing in our hearts
And in the hearts of all those broken by tragedy upon tragedy.

Few, if any, are ready for sudden death.
Especially when so many die at once.
Especially when so many die so violently.

Let the hatred die, dear Jesus.
This is a great challenge.
You who taught us to love our neighbors
You who challenge us to love our enemies.
This is hard for us to do.
This is so hard for us to do.

But you are All there is to turn to now.
You alone are the Hope of the world.
Because you alone are Love.

May God bless America tonight and much, much more
May God bless all humanity tonight.
This fragile earth, our island home
We cannot afford to hate.
Are we listening to God tonight?
Are we listening to human hearts tonight?

There is hope when we do.
There is hope.

"Fr. Paul"


Kimberly Fleitz said...

I live in the hope that humanity will learn to love itself, and each other. Race, creed, country, we are all one on this earth. God´s love is revealed through the forgivness, love and charity that we show the`other`. Peace, Be at Peace for we are in the hands of the Almighty. We mourned, our country fought 2 wars, please let God sooth our wounds and heal our souls. God Bless you Fr. Paul, for having the words to tell us so.

"Fr. Paul" Bresnahan said...

Thank you Kimberly. You have a wonderful way with words. And a good mind for God! Blessings and sleep well.