Friday, September 07, 2012

Republican Rithmetic

Cross-eyed Robin Hood
Take it from the 99% and give it to the 1%

So lets see if I've got this straight. 
To balance the budget the Republicans say this
  • Take money from seniors, put Social Security into Stock accounts where we know our money is "secure" in the hands of Wall Street
  • Take away Medicare and give out vouchers which will cost us more out of pocket
  • Eliminate student loans and Pell grants.
  • Repeal Obamacare.
  • Eliminate Police, Fire, EMT jobs
  • Fire teachers
  • Take money from the poor by eliminating Medicaid
  • Close Amtrak
  • Shut down NPR and PBS
  • Repeal Dodd/Frank and let Wall Street regulate itself
And the GIVE the money to the 1%. 

On the other hand 
Democrats say this
  • Fair taxation for all so that the 1% pay as much in taxes as the 99%
  • Keep Social Security away from the fast talkers on Wall Street. Keep Social Security for the Seniors who EARNED IT.
  • Stay the course on Medicare and Medicaid
  • Strengthen student loans and Pell grants, and keep payback interest low
  • Implement Obamacare so that no one will be left without health care insurance
  • Expand our nation's high speed rail network
  • Hands off NPR and PBS
  • Watch Wall Street like a Hawk! It will take Dodd/Frank and much, much more to keep these people from plummeting us into yet another debacle. 
  • Re-establish the distinction between Commercial Banks and Investment Banks
  • Break up the Too Big to Fail Banks
  • Give the next bail out to the People.
I know when I've been had. I know a snake oil salesman when I see one. As soon as they talk about touching my Social Security, my Medicare, my children's Student Loans, and de-regulating Wall Street, I go for my wallet and run like hell.

I know what they did with OUR money when we gave it to THEM.
  • They invested it overseas
  • They put their money in off shore accounts
  • They paid no taxes
  • They sent the bill to us
You want to see Obama's Birth Certificate. I want to see your tax returns.

I know a Snake Oil Salesman when I see one.

Fr. Paul

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