Friday, May 04, 2012


You May Have Noticed That There is Something Wrong

All across America inner cities, rural areas and many suburban areas are increasingly troubled by decay and blight. Many resort to crime. Drug use is rampant.

Caught in the midst of the current depression millions of our citizens are without work and especially our youth.

For heaven's sake, if we can rescue Banks, Financial Institutions and GM, why can't we rescue the American Worker and especially our young people?

The concentration of wealth in the hands of the few is accelerating, and current tax policies are redistributing that wealth to the rich, the super rich and the multi-national.

This is a national disaster and an urgent matter for our national attention.

Solution: Rescue the American Worker with jobs!

Give every single American who wants to work a job!

Look at our inner cities...these kids need work. Why look the other way while they turn to drugs and crime.

I've lived in rural America long enough to know that all these kids have to look forward to is a job flipping hamburgers, or shuffling shopping carts at Wall Mart. Too many of them resort to drugs and crime.

Is this the future of America? 

If it is, we are on the fact track to the end of our this civilization. 

Paul Krugman argues that we can "End This Depression Now!" I agree with him He argues that it is time for a large stimulus package that would hire back teachers, police, EMT's etc who have lost their jobs due to recent cutbacks.

He's right...but not quite right enough. We have to get these kids to work in decent paying jobs with health care coverage and decent benefits. The social cost to this nation in drug addiction and crime is such that we really cannot afford NOT to get jobs to these kids sooner rather than later.

Stimulus package? Yes! But there needs to be more than that.

JOBS for every single American that wants to work! 


This needs to be the focus of both Political Parties, Business, and Unions and the OCCUPY AMERICA MOVEMENT!

Tax cuts for the rich won't bring jobs. I know that the Republicans are trying to tell us that...but that's just not true. We tried that and all they did was send our jobs overseas. And the Democrats just won't go far enough. They'll rescue the Banks etc...but what of JQ Citizen? What of you and me? What of our Young People?

Frankly I think we should all pay a fair tax and use that money to hire every single American who wants to work beginning with our young people!

Look! Time is running short.





amesababble said...

I think a cool "job solution" would be to remake the transportation situation(put people to work setting up tracksand building trains,etc)- Roads were set up in the fifties on the model that every person would drive around their own auto--I think it would be better for the planet, and economy- if more mass transit was constructed in the out lying areas around our cities. In London, people take a trolley to the train in the suburbs to get to London. (if they choose to take their car into the city it costs 12.00 lbs We should have a similar system here in the Finger lakes to get to Rochester, as well as other areas.

Fr. Paul said...

I agree absolutely! In my previous post in fact I mentioned that very thing. If China can build a high speed network of railroads, so can we..