Wednesday, May 02, 2012

May Day Jobs Taxes and Railroads

The first political party to embrace our hopes is the winner! The following is one American's vision.

I. Jobs for everybody who wants to work! From the inner city to the rural America, from the youth who are so beset with worry about their future to the worker who has recently lost his/her job. From the middle class to the middle management supervisor who have been looking for work now for so long and that they are now discouraged and depressed. Teachers, police, fire, EMT's...all those who have sustained the brunt of the "cut backs" that have been leveled at the American Worker; give us jobs.

We want our jobs back
We want to work
We want a recue plan for the working people

Give us jobs now.

Rename the Unemployment Bureau, the Employment Bureau. 
Rename Unemployment Insurance and call it Employment Insurance.
And use all the resources at our disposal to hire every single American and put us all to work.
Until business starts hiring again rather than holding onto record amounts of cash...let our government put us to work.
Don't tell me that tax cuts for the rich will encourage more jobs and hiring. That's a lie. They have more cash now than they've ever had...and they refuse to hire us. 
Don't insult my intelligence!

If we could spend trillions upon trillions to save the Banks who then in turn refused to invest in American business or hire folks, or pay taxes and then to add insult to injury paid outrageous bonuses to the rich and the super rich at the top....
If we can do that...we can certainly hire every single American who wants to work, pay a decent wage and provide health care.
Paul Krugman suggests, in his recently published book "End This Depression Now!", that we should have a stimulus to hire back teachers and police/fire EMT's to replace at least those lost to recent cutbacks. That would drive unemployment below 7% and prime the pump to recovery.
I'd go a step further.
This is the very least we can do for our fellow citizens.
AND then we could pay our rents, mortgages, and perhaps buy food for our families and even get a car to drive around in. That's the key to economic recovery right there.

2. Tax everybody fairly. How is it that both Obama and Romney pay less in proportion to income than their secretaries? How can anybody seriously object to the rich and the super rich paying a fair share of taxation at a rate that is at least commensurate with what the working people of this country pay? What is wrong with the Buffet Rule for taxation? Reform the tax code and tax everyone fairly.

3. Build a National Network of High Speed Railways. Europe has already done it. China is doing it. It is time we launch a major national interstate high speed network of railroads. Build the locomotives in this country. Put American young people to work. Give our inner city and rural youth something to do besides despairing in hopelessness, drugs and crime.
If, like me, you worry about our young people, lets give them some hope.
A huge national project on the scale of the Inter-State highway system that Eisenhower launched in the 50's is needed RIGHT NOW!

PS. Pay women the same as men. 
Make sure women are sovereign on the question of freedom of choice and family planning.
Quit marginalizing gay folks and give every American equal access to the right to love one another faithfully and within the marriage bond.

The first political party to embrace our hopes is the winner!

Fr. Paul,
Just a simple parish priest.

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