Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hail to the Chief

Health Care for all...far from a perfect law but a huge step forward

Finance Reform to protect us from Greed Gone Rampant...again far from a perfect law but a major step forward.

And now...

Equal Rights for ALL American Citizens! Still a long way to go...but a major step in the right direction.

A blessing on the President of These Unites States of America!
We know he's a bright we know he's got backbone and courage.
Mind you it took that just to run for elected office. How many "foreign born, Muslim, Socialists" have ever held office in this country...funny how they call him every name in the book except for the one they really the depth of the soul of this country there is still the inescapable fact that we're dealing not just with gender and orientation, there is that race thing too.

But here we are looking at him face to face every day as our President. He is in the incarnation of what is possible in this country now. Equality of race, gender, orientation, ethnicity etc. There he is proclaiming what we treasure.

Remember those days...does anyone remember when we showed respect to the President of the United States. I remember!
When we were children in Boston years ago every single day, we gave a "toast" to the President with Big Brother Bob Emery. Especially after "Ike" had his heart attack. "We like Ike". I still do.

Maybe it began with Kennedy. My family said awful things about him. The whole "Catholicism" thing was difficult for WASPS then.

Mind you I was Irish-Catholic on my father's side...and that presented its own set of problems.

Then there was Martin Luther King, Viet Nam, Bobby Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon...and somewhere in there we began to loose our way out of respect.

It is so bad now Fox News spends a lion's share of it daily news reportage on calling the President every name in the book.

No respect there.

Thankfully we have the nightly news hour on "The Comedy Channel" with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I don't know where we would get out news were it not for these folks. There is NPR and PBS thank God, but the Tea Party et al want that gone too.

But for now...we have a President deeply committed to the Constitution of These United States of America. He will stand up for ALL of our Citizens.

God bless the President!
Hail to the Chief!

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