Saturday, May 05, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo All Illegal Immigrants

When Did Immigration Become Illegal Anyway?

By what right did the Pilgrims become Legal Immigrants? All you had to do was stick a flag in the sand and claim the place in the name of some queen or king. It was all yours then...all that was left was to displace the native population.

Anglicans in Jamestown and later in New England and South Carolina followed suit.

We then imported slaves by the millions? Was that legal immigration under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? It was for far too long.

Along came the Dutch, the Swedes, and the Germans. They had a legal charter from the King, I guess...that makes that legal under the rubric of The Divine Right of Kings. mmmm...

Hordes of Irish, Italian and other Europeans by the boatload came here so long as you could pay your way and got your name recorded on Ellis Island. I guess that was considered legal.

Now all of a sudden all of the above are raising all kinds of questions about Illegal Immigration. HA! You're on shaky ground Mr & Ms America!

Papers please! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all Illegal Immigrants. Welcome to America!

What a place! 
Fr. Paul

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