Friday, May 11, 2012

A Prayer for Conscience

A Prayer for Conscience

Citizen of the Choctaw Nation
Bishop of the Episcopal Church
Retired Dean of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA

A prayerful man.
A wonderful man with a heart full of the love of God, the Compassion of Jesus and the excitement of the Holy Spirit.
He speaks often.
He speaks wisdom.

Here is a recent prayer for us.

Here is a prayer for every person who stood outside in the cold for the sake of conscience. For the lone voice speaking for those who have no voice, for the one who risks a place at the table so that others may join the feast. We are not called to be comfortable, but rather to challenge the comfort that hides injustice. If our discipleship has no cost, it has no value. Do not fear to speak up for what you believe is right. Fear the silence if you do not speak for in that silence we all will be lost.
~From Steven Charleston.

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