Monday, October 10, 2011

Two Mormons and a Priest on the way to the Moon

The moon was a brilliant presence in the sky so I took my rather modest Nikon P90 down to the Beach at the end of the street. I tried all kinds of things but it just looks fuzzy when I took some shots. Then I sat down to steady my arms, extended the zoom as far as I could and lo and behold, I got a number of shots like this.
As I was so involved, two handsome young men stopped by and asked me if I had been able to get any good shots of the moon. I showed them the viewfinder and they were as amazed as I was at the result of my endeavors.
The pleasantries aside, they then asked me if I knew were I was going when I die. I told them that didn't matter as much to me as where I go while I'm alive. You know, build a homeless shelter, feed the poor, cloth the naked and put coats on the cold; that sort of thing.
They told me they were Mormons, members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. I told them I was an Episcopalian. Just a fat dumpy priest dressed in a short sleeve shirt and shorts with a camera dangling over my neck.
I told them that I was so disappointed when I was in Salt Lake City, because they wouldn't let me in to see the Temple. The younger fellow was surprised by this...he must have been in training. The older fellow suggested that if I became a member, I could see the place. He said that the Mormon folks considered their place so holy that only members could see it.
I then told him that I had been to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, The Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, I had visited fabulous Cathedrals in Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Something told me these places were holy too and yet everyone was welcome inside to see it.
I even told them that I visited the Dome of the Rock, the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Western Wall. Those places are very holy too according to lots of people.
I said that it just surprised me that I was not welcome to see their holy place.
They offered me their card and invited me to look at their website. I gave them my card and invited them to see my blog, my website, and my church website. I'd love to see the look on their faces when they read about the emerging Rainbow Church, Rainbow Marriage and all the other things I go nattering on about.
But there you are, its grand to be in a free country when we can go out and chat about the faith on the way to the moon. The Mormon fellows headed back to the Stake. I went back home to post some pics on Facebook.
Blessings on you all,
Fr. Paul

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