Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bank of America...take that!!!

How very cool is this! Church and community leaders in San Jose divest from Bank of America. Many more are closing their accounts. If enough of us keep up the pressure, we will be heard. You go Padre. We are so proud of you. Read more here.
Peace and Justice to you all,
Fr. Paul


amesababble said...

Three years ago I changed my mortgage to the local credit union. When I bought the house originally, Canandaigua National bank's final words at the closing were NO PAY NO STAY. I thought that they were a local bank- turns out they sold my mortgage to Bank of America! So, I took my business elsewhere. My credit union is really local and run mostly by women. When I have had dicey financial times, they have worked with me! Yay for the little guy!

Fr. Paul said...

Yay for the Credit Unions and the little folks who will work with us. I'm glad to hear that this worked out for you. Lets keep talking it up and send the banks a message. We're firing them!