Friday, October 14, 2011

C'mon admit it; You support the President!

Now that we've found our voice, let's use it. If we really do want jobs, tax the super rich, cut welfare to the multi-nationals and all that, let's come right out and say it. For heaven sake, he's the best President out there and there is NOBODY on the horizon who can even touch him for acceptability.
He's part of the reason we're out on Wall Street and elsewhere across the country. He needs our support to deliver jobs.
JOBS! JOBS JOBS! We're not going home until we get JOBS!


amesababble said...

I support him! Nice blog.

Fr. Paul said...


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog, but I don't agree with you on this. I'm afraid history will reflect that Obama is one of the worst presidents ever.

Fr. Paul said...

I believe that the legacy of Barack Obama will be the fight for universal health care. While I believe it to be flawed legislation, I also know that without health care we are all just one catastrophic illness away from hopelessness. I've seen this time and again in my ministry and am going though it now with my family. It is a scandal that in this day and age the United States of America, which fancies itself a civilized nation, still does not provide health care for its citizens.