Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Too Big to Fail?
Too Many to Fail!
When Congress saved the 1% with TARP funds they said they were too big to fail. We are 99%. We are too many to fail. It is our turn now. You gave those huge financial institutions zillions and zillions. All we are demanding is;
2. At A Living Wage
3. And Universal Health Care
That's what it all boils down to. Give us work.
Corporations are people? What! Who said that? No wonder you gave them zillions and zillions, then they took the money gave the their executives gigantic and immoral bonuses, laid us off by the tens of thousands, and charged us $5/month for our debit cards. You are gouging us to death! You have more heart for corporations than you do for people. Nuts to you!
Corporations are not people. People are People! WE ARE THE PEOPLE. We are 99%. You have 92% plus of the wealth, we have 8%. You are 1%, we are 99%. This is morally wrong.
Here's what we are going to do.
Monday morning we are going to close Wall Street. We are going to bar the door, join arm to arm and sit down and close the place.
That's in NYC
In LA we're going to do the same thing for Bank of America. CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!
The enemy here is Greed.
Here is what you are going to do. Tax the rich folks and give to the poor folks. Warren Buffet already said he's willing to pay the bill. So send him and his friends the bill. We finally have a President who has a faint inkling of what needs to happen. So lets make him do it! Lets give him a big push and shove this over the top. JOBS! AT A LIVING WAGE AND HEALTH CARE. TAX THE RICH FOLKS.
Congress; you are mostly millionaires, surrounded by multi-milllion dollar influence peddlers.
We are 99%. We don't have much money, but we do have numbers. We are the ultimate lobby. We have taken to the streets. We have occupied the streets, now we're going to close Wall Street and Bank of America. We are the people; give us jobs. In the meantime, Wall Street and BoA are CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

You may remember the story of Jericho. Joshua surrounded the city and the walls came tumbling down. S/he's back! S/he is a child in New York City arrested by police. Joshua wants us to surround and Wall Street and The Bank of America until those walls come tumbling down.
That wall is GREED. That's our enemy folks. It's not Liberal against Conservative; Democrat against Republican. We are all Americans and we want work.
So give us jobs, at a living wage and health care. Don't take away Social Security or Medicare. Don't beat up on the poor and take away food programs that feed children. Don't be mean to the people. If you do get mean, we'll get angry and we will take to the streets until Justice flows like a mighty stream from the mountain of God.
By the way; I have no plan. All this is coming to pass spontaneously from the hearts of the people. The folks in Cairo and Madison woke up last Spring. The Arab Spring has become the American Fall.
So then America, to the streets. Nice weather in the East for the next few days. Nice weather to close Wall Street and the Bank of America.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. You are the ones God admires; Jesus said so.
Peace and Jobs to you all,
Fr. Paul

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