Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A Prayer of Self Dedication

There are still some who see the connection between faith and action, since without action there is no faith. Faith is known in the heart, understood in the mind, but expressed with the body. Without all three faith is dead. Thus I offer this prayer, written on St. Francis Day, to those of you who wish to dedicate yourselves to God's purposes.

A Prayer of Self Dedication

by Paul Bresnahan

St. Francis Day 2011

Now in the quiet of the day, I beckon to my soul and listen.

There is only silence

It is a silence I love to return to.

Because I am not alone there.

In that silence I come to my heart of hearts.

The silence becomes a Presence.

And comes to life in a way that invites me to love.

The Presence wants to love me.

I resist that.

But the silent Presence insists.

I look again into the mirror of my soul and see the mystery

It wells up within me to gratitude.

I search for a name for the mystery.

And then do I remember God.

I discover that God is there within my heart.

And God’s heart beats within me and among us.

There is a love that speaks to me.

And extends its Heart toward me and fills me.

I find myself aware and awake.

To the joy of life and sorrow of suffering; the ugliness of hateful violence.

The noble beauty of creative art,

The sin that destroys the self and seeks to destroy others.

God's heart moves in mine and dispels the fear.

Hear the Word of God and listen

God requires justice, love, mercy and compassion

And Jesus reaches out his arms to the farthest ends of every human heart.

Here and now I dedicate myself to Jesus.

In the poor and the homeless, the hungry and those who suffer.

The heart of Jesus moves in me, and the love of God

Knows no bounds.


Donald W. Krickbaum said...

Thank you, Paul. I have taken the liberty to share this with others.

Fr. Paul said...

And thank you, Donald; I am delighted that you feel my post is worth sharing. Thanks. Paul