Wednesday, November 07, 2012

One Body Politic

The Greatest Challenge

The election is over.
Now the work begins.
The work of becoming one with each other.
I know it is possible.
But when I read the posts and the bloggers, and the talking heads, I'm not so sure.
But I love this country.
I happen to be liberal.
Others are conservative.
I happen to be Democrat.
Others happen to be Republican.

Gay/straight, male/female, black/white, rich/poor, we are all one body.
The scripture says so.
Yes, I am a progressive Christian.
Others are evangelical.
I am left wing.
Others right wing.

But it is the Mind of Christ that makes us one.
Unless the Gospel transcends ideology, it is no Gospel at all.
Thus let the Eagle soar.
With both wings, let it soar.
With the Mind of Christ Let it soar.

Let the American Eagle soar.

And so there is this prayer to the God of my heart and mind and soul and strength.

Jesu, Jesu,
Fill us with your love. 
In the midst of all the strong feelings within our hearts. 
The anger, disappointment, triumphalism or joy
Let me know your love.
Most of all let me know your love.
We insist on much that is less than that. 
But we can hope and pray and work for a love filled life. 
What is it about us that can be so hateful of those with whom we disagree? 
Oh, yes, because we don't get our own way! 
We become unruly children. 
We learned it at home, at school and at work.
Above all, for those of us at church, we learned it at prayer. 
We are one body 
"The eye cannot say to the hand, I don't need you". ~I Cor. 12. 
We are all one body. 
The body politic. 
This is a very difficult lesson. 
But you do require obedience and love.
Jesus, help us hear your voice tonight. 
Jesus help us hear your voice, always! Amen.

Peace to our hearts,
Fr. Paul


Anonymous said...

Thank you Fr. Paul, I always love your concise and loving prayers and thoughts.

"Fr. Paul" Bresnahan said...

Blessings on you!