Friday, November 23, 2012

The Church Steps into the Abyss of Irrelevancy! Again!

Thank you Fr. Roy

So then, the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church take yet another giant step into the abyss of irrelevancy! The former denies women access to the Episcopacy and the latter denies the priesthood to an activist priest who speaks out for gender equality, peace and justice. This is NOT Catholicism. This is not the church. 

Jesus loves all without regard to gender, race, orientation, class and ethnicity. For this obedience to Christ's mandate, nuns and priests are being treated very shabbily especially Fr. Roy.

Here is Fr. Roy's statement.

November 20, 2012

I have been a Catholic priest in the Maryknoll community for 40 years. As a young man I joined Maryknoll because of its work for justice and equality in the world. To be expelled from Maryknoll and the priesthood for believing that women are also called to be priests is very difficult and painful.

The Vatican and Maryknoll can dismiss me, but they cannot dismiss the issue of gender equality in the Catholic Church. The demand for gender equality is rooted in justice and dignity and will not go away.

As Catholics, we profess that God created men and women of equal worth and dignity. As priests, we profess that the call to the priesthood comes from God, only God. Who are we, as men, to say that our call from God is authentic, but God's call to women is not? The exclusion of women from the priesthood is a grave injustice against women, our Church and our loving God who calls both men and women to be priests. 

When there is an injustice, silence is the voice of complicity. My conscience compelled me to break my silence and address the sin of sexism in my Church. My only regret is that it took me so long to confront the issue of male power and domination in the Catholic Church.

I have explained my position on the ordination of women, and how I came to it, in my booklet, My Journey from Silence to Solidarity. Please go to:

In Solidarity,

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