Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Boycott!!!

This is but the beginning!

This is just the beginning. According to a Washington Post article, hundreds of protesters have rallied against Walmart's unfair labor practices. I have been supportive of this effort for years. As it became clearer and clearer to me that the largest employer in America is now Walmart, it also becomes clearer that unfair labor practices take center stage in America.

Small numbers are beginning to step out and protest. I believe that over time the momentum will increase. As Bain Capital and other corporate greed machines ship our jobs overseas, we are left with only an increase in low paying, minimum wage jobs, with few if any benefits. We must speak up.

What we have on our side is numbers. Eventually as corporations continue their warfare against the poor and the working people of this country, our efforts will gain momentum.

If we can stop work.
I we can stop buying.
And do so on the big shopping days of the year.

If we can be one, they will have to listen.

Our demands are simple. 

Good jobs paying a fair wage for all Americans.
Good benefits.
Decent working conditions.

Several generations ago, all we had to do was to make it through high school, head on down to the local factory and have a decent job for the rest of our lives.

Those days are now over.

I am proud to say, my wife and I have not been out to shop on Black Friday for as long as I can remember. We have few needs now and are giving away most of what we have accumulated over the years.

In every church I have served, we have given to the poor and so again this year, we give to "Angel Tree". 

Cheer the hearts of the children.
Cheer the hearts of your fellow Americans.
Boycott Black Friday.
Give to the children!

Peace to you all,
Fr. Paul

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