Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Honest to God, that's better...

Honest to God, that's better...

Journal entry, December 5, 2017

Much improved today
No sooner do I pour out my soul to You
Then Your Grace rushes in.

A Lamentation over the "way" retirement hit me
It needed to be said;
It needed to be prayed

So I read the paper, have a leisurely breakfast
Say the Daily Office, remember friends and family in prayer,
Then write to You in my Journal.

Then, finally, out for a walk.
The first "real" walk since the fall in July.
I took my walking stick; a sensible precaution
The sun was shining 
The sea was sparkling
And I rejoiced in You and said;
"Maybe this retirement thing is not so bad after all".

So many kind words of encouragement from so many family and friends
Some of you even a bit worried
And you're right. 
Thank you.

Maybe come Spring and Summer I can do a bit of supply work.
But for now rest, relax and allow time to heal
Write and take some photographs.
This I love.

And walk with You:
We can talk things over the way we do
And maybe, just maybe
This retirement thing will work out after all.

In the Name of God, the Most Holy, Undivided and Everlasting Trinity. Amen
Fr Paul


Buddy said...

All the best to you, my friend. You are closer to visiting WV !!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

"Fr. Paul" Bresnahan said...

Did you know I have a wedding scheduled at Hawk’s Nest next Spring?