Monday, December 11, 2017

Honest to God it is getting darker!

It is getting darker

Journal entry, Monday, December 11, 2017. 
Some sun this morning, 33 degrees F; the winds are SW at 14mph.
There has been an explosion in Times Square.
The Alabama election is tomorrow.

You came into the world because you loved it so much.
The world did not love you back, at least those in power didn't.
But You loved the world right to he last breath of Your life.
And forgave those who killed You and those with whom You died.

And now there is more crucifixion.
Innocents in the public squares by religious zealots.
In Your Name!!!
And more Innocents some even in their teen years
Exploited by more religious zealots
Also in Your Name!!!
Politicians and public figures and more
Seemingly no end to the abuse 

And still You came dying to Sin 
Rising to Life
Bringing Hope in a dark time.

Many look away in shame and denial
Many look away hateful and angry
But Your love does not go away
You are born again and again
Each year into the Darkness

Just a baby.
The King killed babies because of You
But Your love made it through the violence.
And here you are again
At exactly the right time
In the wake of an explosion
On the eve of an election.

You seem to know the right time
Exactly at the darkest hour
You love this gruesome, sinful world
Again, again, and again; seventy times seven and more
In the bleak mid-winter long, long ago
And, thank God, right now!
Fr Paul

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