Wednesday, June 06, 2018

It's as Simple as a Shamrock!

It's as Simple as a Shamrock!

Today is Trinity Sunday
What is the name of our Church?
Yes, Trinity Church 
Today is our Name Day Festival!

The Trinity is one way of saying that God is One in Three
And God is Three in One
Holy Spirit

Three distinct persons
One God!

How can this be?

It is as simple as a shamrock 
Patrick of Ireland put it this way.
Take a look at a simple Shamrock. It is One in Three and Three in One. 
One plant. 
Three leaves.

Take a look at who I am
I am a father,
I am a son
I am a husband
I am three distinct persons
And yet I am only one!
Do you understand that?

Take a look at Michelle.
Is she a mother?
Does she have a mother?
That makes her a daughter.
Michelle, do you have brothers or sisters.
Aha! That makes you a sister.
So then, you too are one in three
And three in one.

Think about yourselves.
How many of you are children?
How many of you are brothers or sisters?
How many of you have friends?
That makes you children, brothers/sisters and friends
So then, you are three in one and one in three.

And God is much much more besides.
Just like we are also much more besides.
After all Jesus is also our Friend!

God is One in Three
God is Three in One.

God is our maker and creator.
God is our savior
God is the Spirit who guides us.

Do any of you like to sing, make or listen to music?
Do you like to paint or draw?
Anyone like to tell or listen to a story?
Then you also like to Create, like God also creates.
Remember God made you!

Have any of you ever done anything wrong?
Have any of you ever needed to ask for forgiveness.
Have you ever been loved by someone you care about?
Jesus is the Love of God made human like us.
He always forgives and loves each and every one of us.

Do you ever need someone to teach you?
Guide you?
Has anyone given you something you needed?

This is how God is with all of us
God Creates.
God Loves, Saves. Forgives
God Guides, Teaches and Leads into all Wisdom.

God is Father 
God is Son
God is Holy Spirit

Here are some images of God the Holy Trinity

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