Saturday, June 02, 2018

A Lorica

A Lorica

I arise this day to greet You.

A pot of coffee. Ahh...
An aromatic invitation to dwell within.
A simple breakfast feast
Graces the morning goodness.
Oh my God! The newspaper awakens
Me to pray the Office.

Singing Psalms from David to Jesus to me
Heal the sin sick soul, I pray.
Remember now the forgotten poor,
The outcast, persecuted, and foreign born
Unwanted refugees of war
The Empire strikes cold, cruel and “christian”.

Brighten now the day with Hope
Perhaps I too can shine 
With radiance born of the Holy Child
Hush now, and hold high converse
I press the pen across the page
Taking hold my hand
The Silence somehow speaks
A mystery in the moment.

Wander, walk and wonder by the seaside
Breathe the Spirit in the salt sea air 
The call of gulls; dogs and their friends 
Chasing the waves as the crystal sea sparkles

And I arise this day to greet You.


Kim Gibbons said...

How beautiful!!!! It moves my heart and soul.

Susan Brooks said...

Thank you for this....I will miss you smile and your voice....

"Fr. Paul" Bresnahan said...

Thank you Susan, and thank you Kim. Yes. I will miss you both and all the others too. Please know of my love and prayers. Constant. Loving, ever present!

Lynette said...