Monday, June 15, 2015

Rediscovering Celtic Christianity and Joy!

Joy and Celtic Christianity

Pictured is Aidan of Lindisfarne d. August 31,651AD. A pioneer in the Celtic Spirit of Christianity. And what was the idea behind Celtic Christianity? Organize community life around the needs of the people. For example, are your loved one dying, bring them here and we'll tend to them. Are they sick? Bring them here we'll nurse them back to health. Are you hungry? Come here we'll feast together (no questions asked as to eligibility). Do you or your children hunger for knowledge? Come here, we are among the best scholars in Europe. Is your spirit downcast? Come here and we'll cheer you with genuine conviviality and with good stories, and more feasting. Above all, does your heart search for something more. We'll tell you of the love of God. And if you can't quite get it, we'll point you toward Jesus who made it abundantly clear how much God does love you and the rest of us. And then the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit, and the friendship of many of us will bring you to joy. Much of Western Civilization, this nation, and much of the church has forgotten all this. It is time to rediscover who we are called to be for one another. Soul friends! 

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