Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prayer is Being with God


Prayer is being with God. 
Silent, centered, and still.
Prayer is being with persons in a way that leads to love, compassion and forgiveness.
It is the courage to be reconciled.
Prayer is feeding the 5000 and the countless poor.
And housing the least of these.
The visitation of those who are sick or in prison.
Prayer is Justice among nations and between brothers and sisters.
It is Shalom in Jerusalem, Salaam in the West Bank and Peace in Gaza.
Prayer is dangerous.
It may cost you your life.
Jesus is why this is so. He brings Love.
Moses is why this is so. He brings us freedom from slavery and a Law to live by.
Muhammed is why this is so peace be upon him.
He brings us to Allah, the All Merciful
Prayer is being with God.
Silent, centered, and perfectly still.
~Fr. Paul Bresnahan

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