Friday, January 06, 2017

A Donald Putin Epiphany

A Donald Putin Epiphany

As the story goes, the Holy Family went up to Bethlehem to be taxed by the rich folks. I wonder if those rich folks paid their taxes then any more than rich folks pay their taxes now? Then an unwed mother gave birth to a poor homeless Child at a very dark and cold time of year. Twelve days later, Wise Men from the East came to the Child and gave him gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. 

Cradle to grave gifts those were! A generosity to last a lifetime!

As I thought about these gifts I wondered about the Donald Putin Oligarchy and what kinds of gifts they were bringing to the poor, homeless, refugee children of today? When the Holy Child grew up he healed the sick we're told. I wonder about the kind of health care poor children will receive now at the hands of the Donald Putin Oligarchy. For the poor and the elderly I wondered; what of Medicare and Medicaid? Or even Social Security? 

I had an Epiphany! The Donal Putin Oligarchs will not be bringing their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the Holy Child or any other poor Children this year. Rather, they will be taking away what little the Holy Children young and old have managed to eek out. 

Truth be told, the Donald Putin Oligarchs are waging war against the poor and creating armies of unwanted refugees. 

The Holy Mother of all these Holy Children has been revered down through the ages by people of faith. In a perversion of that reverence, the Donald Putin Oligarchy regards women with repugnant obscenity.

Let the Bright Light of the Star The Wise Men followed shine on the Donald Putin Oligarchs. People of faith are called to resist the Donald Putin Oligarchs.

People of Faith in Judaism, Christianity and Islam are under a moral mandate to Tithe to the poor. 
In a perversion of that generosity The Donal Putin Oligarchs will steal from the poor rather than give any gifts at all.

The Psalmist sings this song on the Feast Day of the Epiphany when God's love shines forth to all the nations of the earth; 

"All kings shall bow down before him, *
and all the nations do him service.
For he shall deliver the poor who cries out in distress, *
and the oppressed who has no helper.
He shall have pity on the lowly and poor; *
he shall preserve the lives of the needy.""
~Psalm 72

This is not the song I hear from the Donald Putin Oligarchy. 

Fr Paul, just a simple parish priest. 


Barry Chitwood said...

Excellent post, Fr. Paul. I am a beating heart liberal who years ago wandered in the desert with the likes of Nixon and Reagan. To paraphrase Dr. Phil McGraw, what the hell was I thinking? I recall laughing at the late Sen. George McGovern when he ran against Nixon. Then a few years ago, I read a portion of one of Sen. McGovern's books in which he eloquently extolled the virtues of liberalism and what it has accomplished for this country. I was converted on the spot. Thank you for continuing to be one of the voices crying in the wilderness.

"Fr. Paul" Bresnahan said...

Thank you Barry. Funny how these "Epiphanies" come to us in prayer.