Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Breathing Jesus

Breathing Justice

The breath of the Holy Child of Bethlehem 
Breathes in me this night
The same breath that blows its cold
Across the city streets
And the people breathe wondering 
In their dreams 
Of loves and hates and hopes
And disillusionment
Seldom loving like The Child.

So much has been forgotten 
Of The Word the Child's Flesh breathed
Within us then
When so much love was given 
And woke us up to hope 
So warm the wind was then
That breathed among us
And fed the multitudes
Finally forgiven.

Justice breathed into the poor
The Prisoner,  the prostitute
The tax collector and the common fisherfolk;
The leper and the outcast
Breathed easy then
To know the Child
Loved them with the joy
Of Bread and Wine
What fun we had!

There were those who breathed
Murderous threats against the Child
Still his healing touch and teaching 
Breathed into the lives and lungs of
Those who still see his Star
Rising in the East
The plain the poor
The sin sick souls
With barely a breath left to breathe.

He breathed his last we're told
In the bleak mid winter of our
Worst fears and we all 
Lost all hope of ever hoping again.
Or are we still breathing that same breath
Tonight? The Child's heart
Still beating in mine?
That faith hope and love
Still alive  in this breath we breathe this night?

The Child is born in Bethlehem
To breathe in us again
Hoping to bring Peace this time to Bethlehem 
To all the Child sings Joy to the World
With no exception as forever to all
The Carols sing 
And the Silent Night now rests again
To dream to hope and to love
In every breath the Child in us now takes
And the wind blows in the city streets
Wondering if we dare to hope again.

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