Monday, June 04, 2012

Nothing Will Work Until Everyone Works!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Lets be clear about what we want. 


Old solutions will not work any more. Neither Romney nor Obama will be the answer to the Depression we are in. Congress is even less likely to step up to the plate. A much larger problem faces America. 

Disparity in wealth is the real problem and it is getting worse. The Occupy America movement is exactly correct in noticing the nature and shape of the problem. The concentration of wealth in too few hands presents the greatest threat there is to the Republic and we are exactly correct in saying so.

Multi-national corporations will continue to ship our jobs overseas whoever is in office. Money will continue to flow into the hands of the rich and the super rich.

Working people will continue to pay 25-30% of their incomes in taxes.
Rich people will continue to pay less, perhaps 12-15% in taxes as Romney and Obama do.
Corporations will often pay little or even nothing as GE does.

Welfare is now poor folks subsidizing rich folks.

Republicans will continue to argue that this is the wrong time to raise taxes on the rich, saying that they already pay 85% of the tax burden in the country. Since they have vastly more than 85% in wealth, it follows that the working people and the middle class subsidize the rich to a very significant degree. 

Industry has never had more cash on hand. If they are not hiring now, when will they ever?

Democrats have simply lost their killer instinct. Republicans have that in spades, as they go after Obama as the personification of all that is wrong with America.

We are simply going to have to speak up for ourselves.

We need jobs! 

It really is as simple as that. Of all the "safety net" programs in place, they are nothing worth if we don't have work to do. This is the first time in our history, since the last depression, where we have simply not had enough work to do. 

With Walmart replacing US Steel and GM as the largest employer in America, so our earning power has dissipated along with health care and other benefits. We cannot even afford to retire anymore.

Work has become our last greatest export. And the American Union movement has been almost totally emasculated by Republican gangster politics.

Unions and Democrats have forgotten that Big Business will in fact call out the goons and the thugs to continue their warfare against the working people of this country and we have been far too passive in the face of the attack on the American Worker.

Interestingly enough the American Worker has been hoodwinked into buying the Republican line. We vote for them thinking they will give us tax breaks. In the meantime they give themselves tax breaks and send our jobs overseas.

They make us think that Deregulation will free up the American economy for growth. The reality is that Greed on Wall Street inspires amazing ways to bet on the failure of Financial Institutions and Corporations and use that failure to make huge fortunes. Grand theft on a previously unimagined scale takes place right before our eyes and we stand gazing and the regulatory agencies do nothing. (Often by law cannot do anything.)

In the meantime the value of our Pension Funds, 401k's and IRA's falls in value as they gleefully rub their hands together as the money pours into their pockets.

Cimes of unimaginable dimension go unpunished while kids without work in our inner cities and rural areas spend the best years of their lives behind bars for 7-11 holdups and selling drugs to their friends.

Super Pacs are now killing off the Democracy.

Money is now the Ruler. Our move toward Oligarchy is in fact gaining momentum

This is now our last great chance to speak up.

We much have jobs.

Every American who wants to work must have work. 
With decent wages.
Good health care coverage.
Time off to spend with their loved ones.

We must rename the Unemployment Bureau the Employment Bureau
We must rename Unemployment Insurance...Employment Insurance.

And we must put every American to work who wants to work.

It is time to reclaim Government as our own. 
We are the Government of these United States of America.
Instead of allowing the Republican Party to lay off hundreds of thousands more with their budget, put Americans to work at all levels of Government.
Hire back the Police, Fire, EMT's, Teachers, DPW workers and so on until every single American is back to work.

Do it now.
Send the Bill to the Rich, the Super Rich and the Multi-Naitonals. They've been sucking off the the working people dry for far too long.

Keep at it America. Occupy the Streets! All the Cities! All The Capitals! 

Mass Rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Labor Day!

Remember how you saved the Financial Institutions who were too big to fail.

It is time to save the working people and the middle class. 

I know Romney won't help us. I only wish we could put enough pressure on the President and Congress to put us to work.



Beth said...

Amen, Father!

Beth said...
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Scoop said...

Righteous and spot on!