Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Money Power Greed and Wall Street

There is a striking similarity between these two images and both strike a responsive chord to the biblical charge of idolatry. The Golden Calf signaled the rebellion of the Children of Israel against the Law of God. The Wall Street Bull signals the rebellion of the Children of America against the Law of Greed and Self Will gone wild.
Frontline has done a good job detailing the particulars in its current series on Money, Power and Wall Street. Not only do we stand judged by our own Greed, but we also stand near the precipice of insisting on our own self destruction.
We fight sensible self regulation.
To ask that the rich and the super rich pay as much taxes as their menial helpers is fought with every fibre of the political might of the right wing.
They claim that it would be a job killer to tax business at a rate that is equal to those who have work for these same businesses or even those who have been laid of from them.
It is untrue to say that fairer taxation is a job killer.
Business has more cash on hand than at any time in the past 20 years, and still no jobs!
Greed gone wild!
Not something I might add that God is doing to us; it is rather something we are doing to ourselves.
The people arise in protest. 99% Rise up in protest.
Something is telling us that the rich and the super-rich and the multi-national have gone way too far toward the Wildness of Unrestrained Greed!
Common sense tells us that lie upon lie continues to sap the middle class, the working class, and the poor.
The Occupy Movement has not gone away. In fact a whole new burst of energy is close at hand.
Let us pray that we are not too late.
Even Trinity Church in Wall Street is preparing a May Day Teach In!
When the Episcopalians on Wall Street figure out that that things are way out of hand you know that we are onto something.
Keep pushing folks. We're onto something!
Fr. Paul

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