Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hallelujah Chorus -Quinhagak, Alaska

Notice how Jesus comes to us in the faces of the young and old of an obscure village in the Middle East long ago or in Alaska as recently as today. If we want to think about Jesus coming in the latter day, and at the end times, lets notice how Jesus is here right at this very moment.
This is because the end times are always here and now!
I do hope you have noticed that with the coming and going of one civilization after another, one constant is the command of Jesus; "Love on another".
The purpose of Advent and Christmas is not just to tell an ancient story of a faraway land. This Jesus is our story today, and the job of a people who know how to embrace winter with relish and abandon is the story of the amazing grace of humankind.
We are all kinds of people of all kinds of orientation, gender, class, race, ethnicity. Some day we will learn what Jesus has taught all along; "Love one another".
Learn from these Children.
And remember God loves you and so do I.
Fr. Paul.

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