Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Perversion of Christianity

Here's a post I picked up from a young man of Facebook. Joshua Goins is his name. These are his words. He is "befuddled" by what has become of Christianity. He thinks it is high time we speak up to the extreme right wing. I'm with him on this and wanted to give him an audience.

Joshua Goins

It befuddles me as to how people can take wonderful, beautiful ideas and pervert them into unrecognizable drivel. I've considered myself to be a Christian, and to be at one with my Creator since I was six years old. I'd read the entire King James Bible twice before I was 12. I can't help but stare in aghast bewilderment as the lunatic faction of self-proclaimed Christianity takes the religion I hold dear and turns it on it's head in the most offensive manner I can conceive of. The teachings of Christ have been almost completely ignored by the modern lunatic fringe who like to call themselves Christian. This is a heretical affront to the very teachings of the founder of the religion. Christ taught of compassion, of love, of turning the other cheek, of throwing the money-changers out of God's Temple. He taught that the rich should be benevolent and compassionate to those less fortunate and, if need be, part with their worldly posessions in order to take care of those unable to take care of themselves.

Modern, "Conservative Christianity" has turned this entire paradigm on it's head. Now, those who are in need are seen as morally intransigent, as being less deserving of compassion and care because they are perceived to be morally faulty in one manner or another. Seeing self-proclaimed Christians clamoring over one another in a race to see who can formulate the most austere and downright punative measures to further deprive those who are the least well-off in our society sickens me. Did Jesus ask for proof of insurance or ability to pay before healing the sick? How is it following the example of Christ to deprive millions of access to even basic healthcare? To a living wage? The so-called "Right" constantly laments the loss of the nuclear, two-parent family in which one parent has the ability (not the necessity) to stay at home and take care of their offspring, while continuing to do everything in their power to destroy the middle class and the decent paying jobs that would allow this to be an option?

The constant attacks on unions and any workers with a decent pension or job security flies directly in the face of the moral foundation they so vehemently claim to uphold. This, my friends, is hypocrisy of the highest order.

It is high time that we fight back. Do we want the Michelle Bachmanns and Rick Perrys of the world to control the discourse?

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