Saturday, August 30, 2008

Please Pray For those in the Path of Gustav

Dear friends,
Please keep the folks in the Gulf Coast in your prayers. Another dangerous storm is aiming for the Gulf Coast and by all indications will be very powerful, and looks to make a direct hit on New Orleans. The storm is currently located near Havana, Cuba. Our brothers and sisters of that island nation also need our prayers. The Bishop of Louisiana has mobilized the Office of Disaster Response into a state of full readiness and is preparing to close churches and order an evacuation. The Diocese has made this plea to all government officials: "In all of these efforts, we are mindful of the poor, the homeless, those in temporary lodging, and those without the capacity to care for themselves. We urge our leaders and officials to honor the dignity of each person, especially in the event of a disaster. We remind all that we are not disposable people. The faith communities will hold ourselves and our officials to a high degree of accountability and transparency in this time of uncertainty."
I ask your prayers in particular for Walter Baer and the folks of Grace Church, Canal Street in New Orleans.
For Catherine Hancock, and her family
and the Priest and People of St. Mark's in Gulfport, MI,
All of whom some of us have developed strong bonds of affection since Katrina.
To stay abreast of developments use (News of New Orleans) and (News of the Diocese of Louisiana)
Thank you for your love and prayers. Those of you wishing to respond to the unfolding disaster may use the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund as a vehicle for sharing your love and generosity. The website is
Thank you all.
Fr. Paul

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