Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Double Dawn...a poem

My son Michael gave his senior recital this past weekend...and I flew into Chicago during a vigorous nor'easter and stayed in a hotel overlooking Grant Park...and penned these lines for him by way of a gift in honor of the occasion at daybreak.

Double Dawning
By Paul Bresnahan

A crystal clear blue sky dawned this day
And Chicago stretched out her shoulders
Toward the lake where a frivolous and funny quay
Toppled toward a lakeside lighthouse,

While the hum of traffic glistened in the sun
And buzzed about like bees busy
Even on Sunday at Sunrise.

Articulated busses belched blue diesel
Against a blanket pure with snow
And lovely art is kept cozy and warm
Inside the embrace of the city’s sweet mother museum.

Downtown awakens toward the rising skies
Where stainless steel buildings strain their eyes
To see the blinding glare of morning’s glorious greeting.

Spires and steeples and statues stand about
Everywhere you look and a texture of trees
Bare with branches place themselves in a city park.

It could be said I like a sunny day in Chicago.
But I like Boston too; my home of
Athenian grace that sings symphonicly
Almost any day rabid with Fenway fervor
And painted with a Liberal cobalt blue
Whatever the weather!

Only yesterday, Boston’s blistering snows
De-iced a dark before dawn Airbus 757
And white knuckled me with glee to this toddlin’ town

And the East wind blew me breathless into O’Hare
Half and hour early where music will meet my ear
And a song will sing in my heart.

Perhaps it is life I love that gives me the good sense to stop
Sometimes and breathe and marvel at the miracle
Of a son that sings with a golden tenor tone

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