Saturday, April 03, 2010

Holy Week and Good Friday Liturgy

Ema Rosero Nordalm wrote movingly yesterday at our Good Friday service. She was moved to tears as she thought of the Seven Last Words of Jesus, many of us were. She spoke of the "Third Word"; "Woman, Behold your Son" with the meditation that follows. You may find these words searingly insightful, as I did during this Holy Week experience.

Woman, here is your son

These profoundly, intimate, sweet and caring words coming from Jesus, the dying son, are words addressed to all of us. They are a last gift of love granted to our humanity while from the cross Jesus looks into his mother infinite grief.
With these last words, Jesus invites us not only to witness a tender moment of surrender and offering of his mother to us, but also to be present in those sacred moments to accompany her, as a son would diligently do, in moments of unbearable loss.
I have not experience the loss of a son or the loss of a daughter, but I have met the eyes of another mother experiencing the worst of all grieves. My eyes met the eyes of a mother who lost the light of life of her sixteen years old son. Thinking about those moments and reflecting on Jesus words to his mother, the Spirit moved me to be with Mary our mother and with all mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who are experiencing sorrow:

Your soul broken into raw pieces
My eyes you take through the deep confines of pain
My eyes the silent companions
In owe of such stark beauty
The owe of seeing the inconsolable soul

I can only be present. I can only weep
I can only be in silence to witness and bear your loss
I want to rush and put the pieces of your soul together
I want only to stay and be next to your anguish and mine
In desperate wish for a miraculous release

I can simply be present. I can only weep
To hold you safe and to hold you tight
To follow the light of your eyes
Your head resting in my arms
My hope dwelling in your love