Thursday, June 03, 2010

What we're doing with new arrivals to this shore

I like to speak of Emma who is preparing to be a Deacon in this church. She is a very wise woman. She has fought breast cancer, and works with women young and old, Anglo and Dominican and others in the Salem area. Not long ago she was invited to speak to folks in the deep south. Her courage, her wisdom and her quiet faith speaks let me quote The Rev. Stephanie Spellers and let you know of her wonderful work.

My friend Ema just returned from a trip to the Deep South, where she was training undocumented Mexican and Guatemalan people so they can be even stronger leaders in their local church. She lit up as she spoke of the men, some of whom cannot write in Spanish or English, but who love the Bible and meet regularly to talk about it (yes, they make the time, though they work 7am-7pm at a local poultry processing plant). And the women! They are such healers, Ema said, that it seems they just hold out their hands and transformation happens. Some of them are afraid to believe God is acting in their lives and that their stories and ministries matter. Ema was there to help open their eyes. I feel sure that, when she left, they could see more of God in their midst, more of God in each other. Just hearing her stories had that impact on me.

As we move into this season of the Holy Spirit -- that is, the season of Pentecost -- I'm so grateful for Spirit people like Ema. Who has opened your eyes, helped you to see God's love more clearly, participate in God's life more fully? Be sure to thank them. And thank God.

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